Capture it all: Budget Photo Deals for your Valentine.

Great, so while in line for security check-in to board my flight from Chicago to NYC, I figured out that this post might be useful for a few of us.

V-day is another Christmas for your loved ones and if they are photographers or rising photographers what’s better to make their Valentine with a better photo equipment ? Awesome!! Oh Wait, but they already have a DSLR and an extra lens is too expensive, right ? There’ still more on the table to surprise your valentine without loading your pockets. Let’s have a look at them:

Photo Lens Background


TRANSLUCENT SOFT BOX FOR CANON & NIKON has made to no.1 on our accessories list for lights. Packaged in an envelope and flat priced at just $9.99 they are the best choice for your pocket flash. From harsh shadows, red eyes, harsh light, hotspots and other direct lighting problems, this can be a life saver. One thing I liked best about this soft box is it’s size.


TRIPOD WITH A BAG priced at $23.49 from Amazon Basics is a deal you can’t go pass through. With it’s lightweight design featuring up to 60 inches extension column this tripod is a must have in any bag. It’s light,well made, sets up or takes down easily, and, when all the locks are tightened, very steady.


72MM ND FILTER priced under $100 at exactly $94 will not only protect their lenses from dust and drops but also eliminate unwanted glare and ghosting which easily get’s compounded at long exposures. Made in japan this piece of glass is Ultra Slim (as manufacture claims) and is weather sealed. The great thing I love about this filter is it’s guarantee. With a small price tag it comes with. manufacture guarantees it to be free from craftsmanship defects for 25 years. What else would you expect from this price tag.


32GB Micro SDHC Memory Card from Sandisks priced at $12.30 is Amazon’s Choice because of it’s price, reliability and brand name. A product from Sandisk is sold by it’s name and with a price tag less than $15 is a no brainer.


Add a bouquet of flowers / roses.

What do you plan on gifting your valentine in 2018. Comment below, I would love to know.