The new Lightroom, and why I’m weary

A few weeks ago, Adobe introduced us to an update within their cheapest Creative Cloud subscription; next to Photoshop and Lightroom, a new app called Lightroom CC was added. The old Lightroom app was rebranded to Lightroom Classic CC.

Beautiful UI

There are many good reviews out in the wild comparing all the features and differences of both apps. Here’s a list of a few very good ones:

In short, Lightroom CC looks stunning. It works great across devices, and the majority of features are retained. Within no time, I was able to find my beloved features; there’s absolutely no need for me to stick with Classic because on the rare occasion that I do hit the limits of Lightroom CC’s functionality, I can just open Photoshop. Even importing my presets was a very smooth process.


An offer I can’t refuse?

However, Lightroom…

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