How To Choose Your Family Photographer

From a studio photoshoot with backdrops to a lovely themed session or a specific location photoshoot, deciding on how and where you want the images captured will go a long way in minimizing your research time. Not all photographers may provide a particular service option that you’re interested in.

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Are you researching your options for the best family and portrait photographers? With a plethora of options out there, employing a professional who will capture stunning images that will do your family justice is undoubtedly an arduous task.

This is why we have designed a few simple guidelines that will help you with hiring a photographer who is the perfect choice.

1. Decide Your Preference of Setting

Prior to comparing professional family and portrait photographers in and around your neighborhood, it’s essential you consider the type of photoshoot your desire.

From a studio photoshoot with backdrops to a lovely themed session or a specific location photoshoot, deciding on how and where you want the images captured will go a long way in minimizing your research time. Not all photographers may provide a particular service option that you’re interested in.

2. Consider a Full-Time Photographer

Several professional photographers prefer having other secure jobs during the week, which help them bring home the bacon. As a result, they aren’t always the most easily accessible and responsive and might not be covered by business insurance. Additionally, they may not have alternative camera solutions in the event something should go awry with their current equipment.

On the flip side, family and portrait photographers involved in their business fulltime will have the technical expertise, the right equipment, and more importantly, the best experience. So consider them your best option.

At Sidpix we are professional photographer servicing your needs not only for the day of your photoshoot but full time in assisting and preparing for your photoshoot.

2. Take a Look at the Photographer’s Portfolio

Family Photograph

Capturing images of families and kids is a whole different ball game when compared to photographing corporate functions or social events like weddings, baptisms or bar mitzvahs. In addition, photography is a subjective art.

By going through a photographer’s online portfolio and their Facebook page, you get an idea of whether you like her or his artistic competence, consistency, creativity, and overall quality of their work. In turn, this will help you zero in on at least a few family and portrait photographers whose individualistic styles are what you need.

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3. Inquire About the Cost

The bottom line is this — great photography comes at a price. While you might already be aware of this fact, it’s advisable to inquire about the photographer’s rates beforehand. Find out what you will receive for the price, and whether it is part of an all-inclusive package.

That said, the best family and portrait photographers typically tend to surpass their clients’ expectations by investing their time, creativity, and energy into capturing unrivaled images that speak a thousand words.

4. Meet with the Photographer Before the Session

Prior to hiring a photographer, find out if she or he is open to meeting you in advance to discuss creative ideas, clothing solutions, and the ideal setting. In addition to sorting out all the details ahead of time, meeting your photographer in person before the shoot will help you feel more comfortable.

It’s crucial to make your booking ahead of time to ensure that your photographer can block out a slot for your designated meeting. So irrespective of whether it’s an outdoor or studio photoshoot, familiarity with your photographer will permit a relaxed experience for you and your loved ones.

5. Important Questions to Ask Your Photographer

Regardless of whether you choose to meet with a few shortlisted family and portrait photographers beforehand or speak to them over the phone, it’s vital that you gather the below details from them.

Ø Do they have insurance? — Either public liability insurance or professional indemnity insurance point towards the seriousness of the photographer as a professional in the space.

Ø Do they provide a contract? — When pricing, cancellation and postponement terms are documented, it mitigates the risk of confusion later on.

Ø Do they help you prepare for the photoshoot? If so, how? — Being professionals, the best family photographers provide clients with advice ranging from the perfect location, the best outfits and even how to prepare kids for a photoshoot

Ø What is the turnaround time? — Different products have different production timelines, for example, C-type prints are produced quicker than albums. Plus, your photographer’s editing time requirements will give you an idea of how long it will take him or her to deliver your results, especially if you’re looking to distribute your prints for a special occasion like at Christmas or for a birthday.

6. Find out About Finishing Touches

Generally, the most thoughtful family and portrait photographers spend time with their clients post the session to allow them to review images and choose portraits they would like to order — either on print media or with customized framing options.

Many a time, these professionals help their clients figure out the best places they can showcase these portraits in their homes. Some even go the extent of digitally demonstrating how portraits will look in various groupings, sizes or frames.

So, inquire if the photographer offers services like design assistance, in-person ordering or retouching. By choosing these options, you gain a better understanding of how the actual picture will look.

Above all, choose a photographer who you believe will be committed from the get-go right until the prints are delivered.

Family and portrait photographers who work with their clients along every step of the way, from the very first consultation to designing the session and helping them choose their outfits, make the experience stress-free for the entire family.

And because these professional photographers invest so much time and effort into the endeavor, you can rest assured that the images captured will be all the more beautiful.

So what else you could think of and share with us to keep in mind before choosing a family photographer. Do let us know in comments section below.